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Welcome address, Moran Cerf, Gabriel Kreiman, Ueli Rutishauser    


Keynote talk by George Ojemann: 50+ years of human single neuron recording, a personel perspective (introduction by Itzhak Fried)  


Keynote talk by Itzhak Fried: Neurons as will and representation (introduction by Christof Koch)     


Session I: Perception and Memory I (Chair: Itzhak Fried)  

Gabriel Kreiman: Selectivity, tolerance and speed in visual object recognition  

Rodrigo Quiorga: Concept cells  

Ueli Rutishauser: Mechanisms of declarative memory formation in the human medial temporal lobe

Moran Cerf: Control of single neurons using thought  Panel discussion      


Session II: Perception and Memory II (Chair: Gabriel Kreiman)  

Florian Mormann: Single-unit correlates of visual object recognition, working memory and attention in the human medial temporal lobe  

Hagar Gelbard-Sagiv: Neuronal correlates of memory formation and recollection in the human medial temporal lobe  

Eli Nelken: Single neuron studies of auditory signals  Michael Kahana: Single unit studies of human spatial navigation, episodic memory, and decision making  


Session III: Clinical, technical and surgical aspects (Chair: Moran Cerf)  

Adam Mamelak: Setting up a human single-unit lab: ethical, clinical, surgical and practical aspects

Ueli Rutishauser/Rodrigo Quiroga: Spike detection and sorting  

Rick Staba: Electrodes for subchronic human direct brain recording  

Gabriel Kreiman/Moran Cerf: Decoding and real-time signals  

Raffi Malach: What can BOLD-fMRI tell us about single unit responses in the human brain  


Casey Stengel (Neuralynx)  

Andy Gotshalk (Blackrock)

Session IV: Motor and free will (Chair: Christof Koch)

Roy Mukamel: Mirror neurons

Gabriel Kreiman: Single neurons predict free will

Wilson Truccolo: Collective Dynamics at the level of Single Neurons in Human Neocortex

George Ojemann: Language, Learning, Local Field Potentials prediction of spike timing


Session V: Emotions and sleep (Chair: Ueli Rutishauser)

Ralph Adolphs: Amygdala responses to faces: Extensions to autims

Moran Cerf: Single neuron correlates of emotions regulation in humans

Rick Staba: Human limbic single neuron firing patterns during sleep

Panel discussion


Session VI: Epilepsy (Chair: Ralph Adolphs)

Sydney Cash: Neuronalk Dynamics During Focal Seizures

Bradley Greger: In Vivo extracellular recordings and in vitro intracellular recordisng from human epileptic neocortex: insights into the relations btween inter-ical spkes, action potentials, and high-frequency oscialltions

Panel discussion


Session VII: The next 10 years, the fuutre of single neuron recordings in humans

Keynote talk by Christof Koch: Project Mindscope. Building Cortical Observatories

Panel discussion: Itzhak Fried, Moran Cerf, Gabriel Kreiman, Ueli Rutishauser


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